Skewered whitefish

Skewered whitefish

Skewered whitefish is the most well-known dish at the Kukkolankoski rapids. It is traditionally prepared in the cooking hut of the rapids field.

The log hut has a big stone grill in it. Long pieces of wood are used to make a fire, then the flame is maintained not too strong or too weak but exactly right.

The whitefish is prepared and put on flat skewers. Then the skewers are sunk in the sand with the right angle in relation to the fire. The whitefish must cook evenly and all around. The grill master changes sides when it’s time.

The whole cooking process might take anything from 30 minutes to an hour. An experienced grill master knows when the fish is done by feeling it. After it is taken away from the fire the fish is sunk in salty water for a few minutes. After that it is wrapped in a piece of paper and served on a wooden plate to a hungry guest.

The big stone grill can fit a long line of whitefish simultaneously. The wide benches surrounding the grill offer a good spot for the visitor to experience the cooking of a very traditional dish.