Spring dipnetting

Spring dipnetting

In the spring and the early summer the right owners can dipnet freely without a timetable. It is a good period to check the condition of the fish pits on the river bed and prepare for the season by repairing equipment and the environment.

In the first half of June the whitefish season is kicked off. During this spring dipnetting not a lot of whitefish has reached the river yet. The time is spent optimizing the conditions for shift dipnetting. The local fishing association may also allow other villagers to dipnet temporarily during the spring dipnetting.

In the early summer there is a short period of time when the traditional dipnetters can also catch salmon. For that there are specific dipnets with slightly stronger structures.

The dipnetters observe unceasingly how the arriving of the whitefish develops. Villagers stroll in the rapids field to hear about the catch of the day. During the spring dipnetting the fishermen prepare themselves for the non-stop 24/7 shift dipnetting season starting at the end of July / beginning of August.

Spring dipnetting is a convenient period for the younger right owners who are just beginning to practice dipnetting. Also the experienced dipnetters brush up their skills after a long winter. The heritage is transmitted from one generation to the other.